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At Heartfluence Academy, Students Create while Learning

Is your child creative, artistic, and in need of a virtual learning community? Are you seeking support for your child's social/emotional and academic progress?

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At Heartfluence Academy, you and your child's individual needs are at the forefront. We guide your child by first listening to parent concerns, followed by hopes and dreams for their child.

Parents/guardians are the first teachers, the building blocks, and the foundation for which a child can thrive.

Next, we work with parents to create learning content and experiences to meet the needs of the children in our program. We use student interests, student habits, and direct student input and feedback to structure classes and learning materials so that students know that they are heard, understood, and respected.

Whether your child is enrolled in a public or private school system, or homeschooled, you and your child will receive high quality instruction and support in the areas of reading, writing, math, and enrichment.

At Heartfluence Academy, it starts with the heart.

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